Tesla charging cable - 3-phase - 16A - 11kW

Unique Tesla charging cable. Three-phase, 16A with male Type 2 and female Type 2 connectors with integrated Tesla command button. Made from high quality European cable.

Your choice of cable length

280,00 € incl tax
Shipping: Max 1 day production time before shipping

New and improved Tesla button design

This charging cable has Type 2 connectors on both ends of the cable (1 female, 1 male). The cable fits all Tesla models.

This charging cable has the Tesla Chargeport functionality, a seamlessly integrated waterproof button in the vehicle-side Type 2 connector, allowing you to open the chargeport,  start and stop charging your Tesla or unlock the cable, without the need to enter the car first, or use the keyfob or phone. This is a unique feature found only on EVChargeking Tesla charging cables!

The cable release of course only works when the car's keyfob (or your telephone in case of a Model 3/Y) is around! The charging cable will not unlock when the car's keyfob is not in the vicinity (same as at the superchargers).

The cable has 5 x 2.5mm² conductors, allowing 16A current, which represents a charging capacity of 11 kW. For Tesla's having a maximum charging capacity of 11kW, this 16A cable version weighs considerably less than the 32A version. If you have a 16.5 or 22 kW capable Tesla, you need to use the 32A cable version!

You can order any length you like by selecting the appropriate value in the dropdown selector. For lengths not specified in the list, just send us a message and we will quote you for your special request.

Because frequently customers order a 6 or 7 meter cable (which is our recommended length for public charging), we created a Lucky 7 version of our cables. Since we can produce those in batch, we can offer the same quality cable at a far better price.

The lucky 7 version of course has a 7 meter length (so you will not run out of cable easily), but is priced lower than the 6 meter version and only marginally higher than the 5 meter version, and on top of that, you also get a 5 year warranty on the cable!

Don't miss out on this opportunity, select the Lucky 7 option from the dropdown list and enjoy the best value for money deal available!

We don't use the typical Chinese cable, but a high quality European brand cable, that is 20% lighter and thinner while being more durable! The connectors have rustfree contacts. The electronics we use are CE approved.

Don't forget to choose the right length when ordering. It is better to have 1 meter too long than 10cm too short! The length of the EV cable is measured including the plugs (male/ female) on either end of the EV cable.

Attention: An EV charging cable is NOT an extension cable: 
Please note that charging cables cannot be used as extension cables and can only be used to connect your electric vehicle directly to a charging station. Connecting 2 cables will NOT work!


Connectors Type 2 on both sides, integrated Tesla button in vehicle side connector.
Cable 3-phase, 5 x 2.5mm² + 0.75mm², max electric power: 3 x 16A (11 kW charging capability)
Color Black

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Except for the "Lucky 7" versions, our EV cables are made-to-order (custom made) for each customer order. Please refer to the return & refunds page if the cable shipped is defective or damagedWe encourage all consumers to carefully choose the length of the EV cable and type of EV cable before placing an order, to avoid ordering either the wrong length or cable type. We are more than happy to answer questions from the customer before the order is placed, such that the customer can purchase the correct EV cable for their needs.