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evChargeking is a Belgian company, providing Electric Vehicle owners with charging equipment for use in Europe, with a slight focus on Tesla models.

After driving through France with our Tesla in 2014, we quickly realised that driving in that beautiful country is merely impossible without having a type 3 connector cable, because most of the charging points in France are of that type. Charging at those locations on the other hand is mostly free...

That lead us to investigate the possibility of providing those cables for other EV owners at a fair price, resulting in the Type-3 cables found on this website.

For the Tesla Model-S and Model-X, we developed an application that is built in to the vehicle side cable connector, and which allows you to open the chargeport, stop charging and pull the plug from the vehicle without touching your car key or the center touch screen. A very usefull application that is very much appreciated by our customers!

We sell our products exclusively online, and through retailers.

The goal of EVChargeking is to continuously provide EV owners with the best and most practical solutions to charge their vehicles, as we are confident that Electric Vehicles will be the automotive future!

We wish you an electrifying future!

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