Tesla Charging Cables

The EVChargeKing Tesla charging cables have been specifically designed for all Tesla vehicles. The connector on the vehicle side of the cable has an integrated button that will open the car's charge port when pushed.

This enables you to start charging without first going in the car to open the port from the touch screen, or dig up your car key.
But besides that, the button also stops the charging procedure and unlocks the charging cable when pushed, again without the need to unlock the cable from the touchscreen or search for your key.

So when you walk up to your car in the morning, you can remove the charging cable before even entering the car. The unlocking of the cable requires the car key fob to be nearby of course.

Tesla charging plug

If you have a charging point at home without a cable attached, you can use the EVChargeKing cables right away. If you have a charging point with a fixed cable, there is still the possibility of replacing your existing connector. We offer crimp type connector kits to replace your existing plug.

The Tesla Charging Application is CE approved and built into the cables by hand in Belgium, taking care to provide a top quality and fully tested charging cable.

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