ETAPpro Smart Mobile Charger

ETAPpro 11kW mobile smart charger including 1 schuko adapter and storage bag

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A visionary charger that combines the best of 2 worlds.

The ETAPpro combines the best of both worlds: With the ETAPpro clicked into the wall bracket, you have a classic charger and you can charge your car at high power (11kW) but... if you remove the ETAPpro from the wall bracket and provide it with an adapter cable, you have a mobile charger that you can take anywhere and use at any suitable outlet.

Moreover, it is a very compact device, packed with the latest technology! For example, it can talk to your digital meter or in the case of the old analog meters to a small device that takes care of the current measurement in your meter box. That way it is possible to take into account the capacity tariff, your solar, household consumption and other ETAPpro charging points to keep full control at all times and never blow fuses or pay unnecessarily high electric bills.

The ETAPpro is easy to use but at the same time very comprehensive in terms of functionality. The settings and monitoring of the device are done via a self-developed App for Android or iOS and the ETAPpro also communicates with a cloud platform where all data is stored. WiFi or even Powerline (over the existing power lines) can be used so you do not have to provide an extra network cable.
Through a user portal, reports of past charging sessions can be easily created, including the location where this occurred, the number of kWh, time, etc....
The ETAPpro is also built for the future, all software updates are done automatically and securely "Over The Air," so the device will be automatically adapted to changing regulations and technical developments in electric vehicles.

ETAPpro muurbeugel

If you want to use the ETAPpro at a fixed location, you can install a wall bracket. When you slide the ETAPpro into the wall bracket, the whole thing becomes a fixed charging point. The wall bracket naturally provides power for the charger and is easy to connect. Moreover, the wall bracket is equipped with a lock and keys that allow you to lock the ETAPpro so that another fan of the product cannot run off with it.
If this should happen anyway, you can always see where the device is in use via the built-in GPS module and you can remotely block the charger!

If you want to take your charging station on the move or on vacation, you can slide the ETAPpro out of the wall bracket and by using adapters you can connect to different types of outlets. Currently, there are already adapters for regular household outlets, for blue camping 16A commando outlets and for red industrial three-phase 16A commando outlets.

The ETAPpro also automatically detects which adapter you're using and sets the maximum charging current so you don't create dangerous situations. Moreover, there are temperature sensors in the adapters to protect your outlets, in the device itself and also in the plug that goes into your car. If the temperature is too high, the charging current will be reduced or the ETAPpro will even stop charging altogether. Safety first!

MTAP in digitale meter To use the smart functions of the ETAPpro, you obviously need communication with the digital meter or a device that can read the power consumption. The MTAP and the CTAP were designed for that purpose. With the MTAP you can read the digital meter via the P1 port, with the CTAP you have to click measuring terminals around the incoming power wires of the installation. (Currently Belgian, Dutch and Luxemburg digital household meters are supported by the MTAP)
If you don't have a digital meter (yet) then features such as capacity pricing are not applicable, and dynamic pricing that is different every hour of the day also uses a digital meter. Load balancing where the charger takes into account household consumption and Load Sharing where the available power is distributed among multiple chargers are available without a digital meter, however.

On top of all this, we have set up an outstanding assistance service so that in the event of unexpected problems with the charging point, you will be sent a replacement device that is configured completely identically within 1 business day, so that you can proceed immediately while we can thoroughly investigate and fix the problem with your device.

Except for the "Lucky 7" versions, our EV cables are made-to-order (custom made) for each customer order. Please refer to the return & refunds page if the cable shipped is defective or damagedWe encourage all consumers to carefully choose the length of the EV cable and type of EV cable before placing an order, to avoid ordering either the wrong length or cable type. We are more than happy to answer questions from the customer before the order is placed, such that the customer can purchase the correct EV cable for their needs.