ETAPpro mobile EV Charger

A visionary new charging solution

The all new ETAPpro combines the best in technology and portability in one device. It can be used as a fixed charging station, while allowing to be taken along on your journey to charge anywhere using an appropriate adaptor cable. Management and monitoring of the ETAPpro is done anywhere, anytime using a dedicated app on your phone.

While offering mobile flexibility, the ETAPpro has a multitude of functionalities that will only grow over time. We have made sure to provision all the necessary hardware in the ETAPpro to be able to provide any new future functionality through automatic and secure software updates.

The ETAPpro automatically adapts to your household consumption or solar panel production, has extensive scheduling functions, peak shaving option, can check dynamic electricity prices to decide when to charge and communicates all its data to our cloud storage, where it can be accessed for detailed reporting, split billing and much, much more.

Installation is easy, onboarding is done using the ETAP app for android or iPhone, and communication between multiple ETAPpro chargers and the digital meter or current monitoring device happens over the electric wiring, so no need for a WIFI connection or installing extra cabling. The charger has Bluetooth, WIFI, RFID, GPS, 4G and PLC communication as standard, no need for expensive extra options.

The fact that ETAPpro is so smart allows you to save a massive amount on your electricity bill annually, making this charger the most advanced and cost effective charger available.

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