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Type 3 to Type 2 cable conversion

Convert your charging cable from a male Type 3 to a male Type 2 plug.
95,00 € incl tax
Delivery time: Max 1 day production delay

If you need a type 2 instead of your type 3 charging cable, we can offer you a conversion service, saving you the cost of a new cable. We will replace the type 3 male connector with a suitable type 2 connector.

As the type 3 standard is gradually being discontinued (Autolib stations in Paris for example), type 3 cables will become obsolete in the future. Instead of throwing them away, we think it is better to just convert them into a type 2 cable that you can continue using.

After buying this conversion, we will email you the address for sending the cable. All you need to do is send us the cable and we will do the conversion for you and return the cable to you the next day.