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Tesla connector kit 32A crimped

Complete Tesla connector kit for 32A cables or 32A charging station pigtails. Includes everything to replace your existing connector. This kit uses crimp terminals.

Select the smallest diameter that fits over your cable

119,00 € incl tax
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This kit includes everything you need to replace an existing type 2 connector with the Tesla connector. The kit can be used for all 32A cables and 32A fixed charging station pigtails. Those cables have 6mm² section wires. It is VERY important to use the correct connector, since a 32A connector on a 16A cable can overheat the cable, while a 16A connector on a 32A cable will only allow charging at 16A...

You need a professional crimping tool to crimp the terminals to the wires, a standard crimping tool found in DIY stores will NOT do, an alternative is to solder the terminals. It is very important that the connections are properly made to avoid heating of the terminals!

The Patent Pending design of the EVChargeKing connector allows the integration of the Tesla command button in the housing in such a way that it can be re-opened and serviced, while remaining 100% waterproof. All necessary electrical requirements for the cable are present in the electronics, so all you need to do is connect all charging cable wires, assemble the connector and you are good to go!

The connector can be used for single and 3-phase 32A cable assemblies with a maximum outer diameter of 18mm

IMPORTANT: The connector should be used in combination with a charging station, you can never charge an electric vehicle by connecting a plug straight to an electric outlet!

For full installation instructions, click here