Type 3 Tesla charging cable - 3-phase - 32A

Unique Tesla charging cable, 3-phase, 32A using male Type 3C and female Type 2 connectors as used in France. Made from high quality European electric cable.

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This charging cable has a Type 3C connector at the infrastructure side of the cable and a Type 2 connector at the vehicle side of the cable. This cable can be used for charging all Tesla cars (except Roadster) at a Type 3C charge point, as often found in France. For the rest of Europe, you would need a type 2 - type 2 Tesla cable, sold elsewhere in the shop.

This cable also has the Tesla Chargeport functionality, a seamlessly integrated waterproof button on the vehicle-side Type 2 connector, allowing you to open the chargeport,  start and stop charging your Tesla or unlock the cable, without the need to enter the car first, or look for the keyfob. This is a unique feature found only on EVChargeKing cables!

The cable release of course only works when the car's keyfob is around! The cable will not unlock when the car's keyfob is not in the vincinity (same as at the superchargers).

The cable has 5 x 6mm² conductors, allowing 3 x 32A current, which represents a charging capacity of 22 kW. If you have a single charger in your Tesla (which means max charging of 11 kW) you could opt for the 16A triphase version of this cable, which is considerably lighter in weight...

You can order any length you want by selecting the appropriate value in the dropdown selector. For lengths not specified in the list, just send us a message and we will quote you for your special request.

We don't use the typical Chinese cable, but a high quality European brand cable, that is 20% lighter and thinner while being more durable! The connectors have rustfree contacts. The electronics we use are CE approved.

Don't forget to choose the right length when ordering! When the charging point is on the other side of the car's chargeport, you really need a minimum of 4 meter to be safe.

Attention: An EV charging cable is NOT an extension cable: 
Please note that these cables are not extension cables and can only be used to connect your electric vehicle directly to a charging station. Connecting 2 cables will NOT work!


Connectors Type 3C infrastructure side, Type 2 vehicle side (with Tesla button)
Cable 3-phase, 5 x 6mm² + 0.5mm², max electric power: 3 x 32A (22 Kw charging capability) VDE approved nr 8491 15/33 CE
Color Blue / Black / Grey