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Type 2 stekker vrouwelijk

Houder voor type 2 stekker om de stekker netjes op te hangen na gebruik.

Selecteer de kleinste diameter die over je kabel past

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The female connector is used on the vehicle side of a charging cable, and comes in 16A (2.5 mm² conductors) or 32A (6 mm² conductors) versions.

The terminals need to be crimped onto the wires! Note that this takes special tooling, the terminals need quite some force to be crimped and it needs to be done correctly to avoid overheating resulting in fire. We use a harting crimping tool for example to crimp the 2.5 and 6mm² terminals:

The connectors have a blue housing and come with either a 16mm or 18mm diameter backend screw. Please measure the diameter of your cable and order accordingly. The maximum diameter of the cable is 18mm!

The kit comes with pre-assembled PP signal pin using a 220 Ohm (32A) or 680 Ohm (16A) resistance ready for mounting. Inner glue-lined heat shrinks are provided for additional cable protection.