Tesla knop retrofit kit

Tesla knop voor inbouw in een type 2 connector. 16A of 32A versie
49,95 € incl. BTW
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This kit can be used to incorporate a custom Tesla button in an existing female type 2 plug. Make sure you can open the plug and that there is enough space inside to house the electronic print and a battery if needed.

All components are waterproof. The kit uses a 3.3V source, but if you do not have this available from your charging station through the charging cable, you can use a battery module. The optional pushbuttons provided with the kit need a hole diameter of 16mm, and they have a green LED ring, which should NOT be connected when using a battery, because it would drain the battery quickly. Buttons can be ordered in black and stainless steel.

The battery should last for many years but can be replaced.

These are the connections to be made when installing the kit:

  • red wire to +3.3V (or battery red wire)
  • green wire goes to PE terminal of connector (and grey wire of battery)
  • purple wire goes to the PP terminal of the connector
  • grey wires go to the pushbutton switch

To connect the green and purple wire, look inside the connector and you will see a wire running from the PP terminal to the PE (earth) terminal. There will be a resistance in the wire (220 Ohm for a 32A connector, 680 Ohm for a 16A version). You need to cut both ends of the resistance to remove it from the wire. The correct resistance is provided by the electronic print.
Connect the purple wire to the PP side wire and the green cable to the PE side of the wire you just cut. When using a battery you should also connect the grey wire from the battery to the PE side.

Make sure you order the correct version for your cable. Installing a 32A version on a 16A cable might cause your cable to catch fire, installing a 16A version on a 32A cable will reduce your charging power...