Câble de recharge moto Zero - EVtricity

Câble de recharge 2 x 32A max pour charger votre moto Zero sur des bornes Type 2 ou Type 3. Pour chargeurs EVtricity et le chargeur standard.
285,00 € TTC
Délais de livraison Temps de production: 1 jour max.

This custom built charging cable is the best option for charging your Zero motorcycle from any type 2 or Type 3 charging outlet using the EVtricity and standard onboard chargers. It has a length of 3 meter + 2 x 0.75m C19 power cables.

The cable can be ordered with 32A wiring, so is suitable for the highest available EVtricity rate of 2 x 20A. For the 2 x 15A or 2 x 16A versions it is better to take the 16A version of the cable which is lighter in use.

Please select the type of plug you want on infrastructure side. Mostly used in Europe is the Type 2 plug, but the Type 3 plug is very common in France...

The cable uses 2 of the 3 phases in a three phase charging point. When used on a single phase charging point, only 1 of the two C19 cables will be powered.

When using the 32A version of the cable, it is the user's responsability to make sure the charging station is up to the job, and can deliver the necessary 20A per phase! The 16A version can be used on any (prefereably 3-phase) charging station.

You can include a C20 to C13 adapter to your order so you can use 1 of the C19 plugs to connect to the standard onboard charger.

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