US to EU Tesla charging cable

US to EU Tesla charging cable. Single phase, 32A with male Type 2/3 and female US Tesla connectors . Made from high quality European cable.

Your choice of cable length

375,00 € incl tax
Delivery time: Max 1 day production delay

This charging cable has a Type 2 connector on the infrastructure side of the cable, and a US version original (used) Tesla plug on the vehicle side. This charging cable can be used for all US Tesla cars needing a Type 2 connector on the infrastructure side, but it can also be ordered with a Type 3 plug on the infrastructure side for France!

The cable has 3 x 6mm² conductors, allowing 32A current, which represents a maximum charging capacity of 7.4 kW.

Standard length of the cable is 2 meters, but you can order any length you like by selecting the appropriate value in the dropdown selector. For lengths not specified in the list, just send us a message and we will quote you for your special request.

We don't use the typical Chinese cable, but a high quality European brand cable, that is 20% lighter and thinner while being more durable! The connectors have rustfree contacts. 

Don't forget to choose the right length when ordering and the type of plug (Type 2 or Type 3)! When the charging point is on the other side of the car's chargeport, you really need a minimum of 4 meter to be safe.


Connectors Type 2 or Type 3 on infrastructure side, US Tesla plug vehicle side.
Cable Single phase, 3 x 6mm² + 0.5mm², max electric power: 1 x 32A (7.4 kW charging capability) VDE approved nr 8491 15/33 CE
Color Blue / Black