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Type 2 to Type 1 Charging cable adapter 32A

Charging cable adapter for charging a Type 2 vehicle from a Type 1 cable using male Type 1 and female Type 2 connectors. 32A (7,4 kW max)
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This charging cable has a Type 1 connector at the infrastructure side and a type 2 connector at the vehicle side. This cable can be used for all cars having a type 2 connector on the vehicle, wanting to connect to a charging station that has a fixed Type 1 cable.

The cable has 3 x 6mm² conductors, allowing 32A current, which represents a charging capacity of 7.4Kw/h. The price difference with a weaker 16A cable is so small that we think you are better off with this top model. In case you switch to a bigger electric car or install a more performant charging infrastructure, you won't need to upgrade your cable.
It is of course perfectly possible to charge at 16A with this cable!


Connectors Type 1 socket infrastructure side, Type 2 vehicle side
Cable Single phase, 3 x 6mm² + 0.5mm², max electric power: 1 x 32A (7.4 kW charging capability at 230V) 
Color Blue / Black