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All Tesla models (except for the Roadster) have a type 2 port for charging that accepts single or 3-phase current. Depending on model and model year, different charging speeds are supported:

Model 3 11 40 mi/h
Model X/ Model S 16.5 40-53 mi/h
Model S before May 2016 11 or 22  
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11: 30 mi/h
22: 60mi/h

So, depending on the available electric network, and the cable used, the following charging speeds apply:

kW (A) Model 3/Y Model X Model S
22 (3x32A) 43 41 49
16.5 (3x24A) 43 41 49
11 (3x16A) 43 27 33
7.4 (1x32A) 29 19 22
3.7 (1x16A) 14 9 11
2.3 (1x10A) 9 6 7

Keep in mind that the type of cable that is used also plays a role in determining maximum charging speed! Charging a car that has 16,5 kW onboard chargers from a 22 kW charging point with an 11kW cable will limit the charging speed to 11kW.

  • For all dual charger Model S and all post May 2016 Model S-X cars a 3 x 32A cable is recommended (or 32A single phase if you only plan to charge on a single phase)
  • The Model 3/Y charges at 11kW (3 x 16A) and so it can use the lighter 11kW charging cables, just keep in mind that if you use that cable to charge from a single phase charging point, the cable will limit the charging rate to 20A (the maximum current allowed through a 2.5mm cable). Most public charging points are 3-phase.

EVChargeKing has developed special charging cables for use with Tesla vehicles. They allow to open the chargeport and disconnect the cable without the use of the Tesla keyfob (allthough it needs to be around to be able to disconnect the cable)

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