Charging Station with type 2 socket

Charging station (single phase or 3-phase up to 22kW) with type 2 socket and 6mA DC integrated protection for DC leakage.
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The EcoLite charging station is a rugged and compact metal charge point engineered to be stronger and longer lasting than others on the market. Its designed primarily for domestic, light-commercial and simple destination charging. With the option of setting the charging amperage to almost any value from 6 to 32A per phase this charging station has the best value for money on the market!

This mode 3 charger has the core functionality required to charge EVs safely, which includes DC leakage protection. Additionally, two charge points can share one mains supply with the SLS feature, reducing install costs.

The EcoLite charging points come standard with a  32A breaker / 30mA Type A differential combo, and for complete protection, an additional 6mA DC current protection is present. The latter protects you in case a DC current is detected. It is a commonly overlooked European guideline for charging points, and will set you back hundreds of euro's when purchased separately.

Every station comes with a 2 year guarantee!

These are the strong points of our the EcoLite Charging Stations:

  • Max power selectable using a dip switch for anything from 1.4 kW to 22kW
  • Brightness of indicator leds adjustable using dip switch
  • Integrated Mode 3 (IEC 61851) communication unit
  • Tri-Colour LED status indicator
  • Fully compliant to required standards
  • Rugged metal enclosure treated for outdoor use
  • Easy to install to a wall or post
  • Built-in 30mA Diffferential / 32A breaker
  • Built-in 6mA DC current protection
  • Supports load sharing technology
  • Compatible with every EV currently on the market

Simple Load Sharing (SLS)

This feature will allow two SLS enabled EcoLites to safely & dynamically share one mains supply. When two EVs are plugged in, the SLS system will engage & share the total available power (nominally 50% to each vehicle). When one EV is plugged in or charging then 100% power will be made available to that EV again. 


Socket outlet Type 2 (Compliant to IEC 62196), hinged lid and solenoid locking
Rated output 1.4 kW up to 7.4 kW for single phase version, 4.2 kW to 22 kW for 3-phase version (configurable & variable)
Rated current 6A - 32A (configurable & variable)
Color White / grey
IP Rating IP54
Enclosure material Powder coated folded mild-steel
Charging Specification Mode 3 / IEC 61851 communication unit Compliant to: EN 61851, IEC 61000-6-1/-3, 2006/95/EC & 2011/65/EU
Load balancing Simple Load Sharing (SLS)
Overcurrent & Leakage 32A RCBO (C Characteristic) + 30mA Type A residual current protection + 6mA DC current protection
Status Indication 2 colour LED halo & 3 colour ‘Charge point’ text illumination
Supply Cable Entry Rear or bottom entry. Holes predrilled to ᴓ25mm
Dimensions W: 230 mm, H: 320 mm, D: 130 mm
Unit weight 5.1kg
User access Trip reset / isolator via sealed key-lockable access panel
Operating temperature –25°C to 50°C