Mercedes charging cables & charging points

Mercedes B250e full electric

Mercedes C-class, GLC-class, GLE-class and S-class Plug in Hybrid

Mercedes has the full electric B250e that uses a 3-phase system for charging. For this car, you need to order a 3-phase Type2 - Type2 cable, and you can use a 3-phase charger to charge your car at home.

The other Plug-in Hybrid Mercedes models all use a single phase charging system.

All these cables are available in any length desired and also with French type 3 plugs on the infrastructure side for use in France.

The cables are built with a high quality German brand electric cable, which is 20% lighter then the usual Chinese import cable, and far more durable! All cables are hand assembled and tested in Belgium.

For fast charging at home, you can use our Single Phase charging point, a reliable and rugged charging point with all necessary safety features already built-in! Be sure to select the Type 2 plug for your Mercedes.

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