Jaguar charging cables and stations

Jaguar I-Pace charging cables and stations

Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace has a single phase charging system with type 2 connector. It can charge up to 7,4 kW/h (1x32A). For it's 85 kWh useable capacity, it would take 11,5 hours to fully charge from completely empty. 

Our charging cables are built with a high quality European brand electric cable, which is 20% lighter then the usual Chinese import cable, and far more durable! All charging cables are hand assembled and tested in Belgium. Also available with the French Type 3 connectors. You can find the appropriate cables for the I-Pace below.

For fast charging at home, you can use our single phase charging point, a reliable and rugged charging point with all necessary safety features already built-in! You need to select the Type 2 connector when ordering.

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