Charging points

Our charging points are compact and simple to install charge points that are built to a very high standard. An extremely rugged aluminium die cast waterproof housing, automatic circuit breaker + AC and DC residual current protection and the option of setting any charging amperage from 6 to 32A make these charging stations the best value for money on the market!

We offer our charging points with a Type A RCBO, and the required 6mA DC current protection. The latter protects you in case a DC current is detected. It is a commonly overlooked European guideline, and will set you back hundreds of euro's when you need to purchase a type B differential separately.

The fixed cable (pigtail) is replaceable in case you switch to an electric vehicle with another connector.

Below is a list of our charge points for Tesla and other vehicle makes. On our Car Selector page, you will also find the points listed.

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